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We´re not aligned

Tänk vad mycket sorg lär.

Skär i kroppen, både här och där.

Orden från djupet hjälper iaf mig så här <3

I am surviving,

in my own way.

You walk beside me,

every day.

Yet you don’t see me,

I´m too far behind.

You don´t really hear me,

we´re not aligned.

Pleace come and get me,

I´m lost when you´re not around.

Can’t pic up the pieces,

flat down on the ground.

You say that you love me,

you say it some how.

But no, I don’t feel it.

I´m stumbling right now.

I want you to hold me

and sing me our song.

Why can’t you just hold me,

I´ve been under ground for too long.

You leave me still crying

and bleu are my toes.

It feels like I’m drowning,

my temperature knows.

The grief is so heavy,

like rocks in my knees.

It makes me walk slowly,

my heart´s begging for peace.

I look where you´re going,

you might still be there.

Perhaps I´ll still hear you,

if I can be there.

I lean towards the middle,

escape obstacles and bars.

Far down the hole now,

among planets and stars.

Where no one can hurt me,

were I’m always alone.

I reach out to touch you,

but you´re already gone.

You leave me all stranded,

no lifeboat, no chart.

At least give my wings back,

let the takeoff start.

Why sit here alone now,

why sit here at all.

They say we are all love,

if we dare make the call.

Perhaps you were right,

knew the truth all along.

But it hurts to let go of the fears,

they’re so strong.

I leave them all hanging,

while I run far ahead.

Somehow they always keep coming back,

into my head.

As if I am stuck in circles,

off track.

In red velvet doorways,

that never looks back.

I´ll try to let go now.

I´ll try to be strong.

I know I should trust,

that it’s here I belong.

For you I´ll be happy,

I will try my best.

Perhaps I´ll still find you.

Perhaps Ill be blessed.

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